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Liechtenstein to the UK.
No, the thirty five thousand people of Liechtenstein are not being relocated to the British Isles, but instead we get the Swedish twee band of the same name as the 22nd smallest country in the world coming to these shores (London shows only, I'm afraid) for a couple of gigs early February. Liechtenstein (the band) are quite the twee outfit, and sound a lot like Talulah Gosh and all that fey stuff that some of us love. Hopefully they’re better live than most twee bands tend to be, since there's just so much fiddling about and nervous mistakes a man can take!

Go and see them perform their tunes here:

5 February – White Heat @ Madam JoJo’s, London

8 February – Twee As Fuck @ Buffalo Bar, London

Also, have a listen to their song “Stalking Skills”, it’s great and if you’re into twee and all that, you’ll like it, I'm sure.

Liechtenstein – “Stalking Skills”



By Stop Us Not
On 14 January 2008
At 1:56 pm
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