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Best Swedish Songs of 2008

01. Håkan Hellström - Försent för Edelweiss
02. Håkan Hellström - Jag vet inte vem jag är men jag vet att jag är din
If all of Hellström's latest album would have been as good as the two above songs, it'd probably be one of the best albums of all time. Now it had too many silly prog songs on it, but he still managed to cram a handful of amazing songs onto it.

03. Afasi & Filthy - Jobb
"Fläcken" is the best Swedish rap album in some time, and "Jobb" is the best song from that record.

04. Markus Krunegård - Jag Är En Vampyr
Krunegård's album was not as patchy as Hellström's, or his old band Laakso's, and "Jag Är En Vampyr" was one of my favourite songs of the year. I'm currently addicted to the brilliant remix by Detektivbyrån.

05. Lykke Li - Little Bit
There's no denying that Lykke Li is a star - her debut album is ace and she's great live. If I had to choose one song from her album, "Little Bit" is the track that probably made me the Lykke Li fan I am today.

06. Frida Hyvönen - Dirty Dancing
After last year's odd but intriguing "Pudel" mini album, Hyvönen delivered a strange and beautiful second album. "Dirty Dancing" is something of the jevel in the album's crown.

07. Moto Boy - Young Love
It's a shame that Moto Boy didn't make a bigger impact upon the world, not even Sweden really took much notice. Their loss, I say!

08. Alexis Weak - Strawberry Rapclash Remix
Ok, I'm aware that it's a bit cheeky calling this a song by Alexis Weak when in fact it's a remix of an Adrian Lux song. Alexis Weak is not even the only rapper on it (perhaps he didn't do the remix either, I don't know), but I'm addicted to Alexis Weak and with hardly no releases from him this year, I've listened to this song an insane amount.

09. Envelopes - I'd Like 2 C U
I must say that after being in love with their album and then seeing them live and not being too impressed, I lost a bit of interest in Envelopes. Their album is nevertheless a really great album, full of playful songs that leap out of the stereo and straight into whatever part of your brain that makes you smile.

10. Paragon - Aavisst
Paragon's album "Glöd" could have been one of the biggest disappointments of the year, and only because "Aavisst" that I heard long before the album came out was such a banging track. This year's Swedish One Hit Wonder.

MP3: Best Swedish Songs of 2008 Mix


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By Stop Us Not
On 20 December 2008
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