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Kopparberg launches Scottish music initiative

13:15 | Wednesday July 2, 2008

Swedish cider company Kopparberg has launched a new initiative which it says will help Scottish bands to raise their profiles.

The Kopparberg Collective covers three areas: a singles club, a privilege card and a “one Big tree” installation at this year’s Hydro Connect festival.

The singles club is to release three double A- side singles this summer, featuring tracks from six new acts, including Juno and Kobai. This will be promoted by a Kopparberg Collective tour, calling at venues around Scotland.

The privilege card will allow holders free or discounted entry to a number of club nights across Scotland this summer, with all holders entered into a prize draw to win tickets to Hydro Connect, where the brand will be hosting an arena.

Kopparberg UK managing director Davin Nugent says, “We hope that by helping in some small way to raise their profile, these artists can be heard by a much wider audience.”



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