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Best 10 Swedish albums of the first half of 2008!
01. Vapnet – Döda fallet
I haven’t seen Pitchfork give this album a 9.6 review yet. What’s going on? Have they lost their copy of the album? It took me some time to get into this, but now it’s like potatoes to me – great, versatile and very secure (like an old friend).

02. Moto Boy – Moto Boy
Best new artist of the year! Moto Boy came from nowhere and released the most beautiful album I’ve heard in a long time. His live show was also magnificent (what a charming man!).

03. Envelopes – Here comes the wind
I stopped listened to this after I saw them do a disappointing show last month, but before that I played it every day for weeks and weeks. There are so many great songs on here, and I just can’t resist that lo-fi charm!

04. Joel Alme – A master of ceremonies
If you don’t like The Smiths or crooners, you might want to avoid this one. If you do like The Smiths and crooners, this will be like audio gold for you (I obviously belong to the latter category of people).

05. Juvelen – 1
I refuse to not mention Juvelen in the same sentence as Prince, but that doesn’t stop his music from sounding fresh and modern, and there are some real slick hits on his debut album.

06. Markus Krunegård – Markusevangeliet
You could make a very good compilation CD with Laakso, but so far they’ve failed to make a consistently amazing album, so I was rather surprised with how good singer Markus Krunegård’s debut was.

07. Lykke Li – Youth novels
Hype-hoopla! Ok, this is not as amazing as it should be, but still – it’s a fine, fine album. She’s even better live, that where she shines.

08. Pacific! – Reveries
The singles that have been released from this album are all astonishing, the rest is ok. Still, half of the songs being top notch, and the rest average make for a bloody great album.

09. Afasi & Filthy – Fläcken
Swedish hiphop album of the year, and sometimes I wish they’d rap in English so I could share it with my non-Swedish friends without them saying “It sounds great, but I really wish I could understand what they’re rapping about”. Someone called these guys Sweden’s Lil’ Waynes, which is a charming and somewhat fitting description. Nice grooves!

10. Håkan Hellström – Försent för edelweiss
Lots of people love this but in my opinion Hellström’s latest album is the weakest one of his career – there’s just too much lame progrock on it! There are some corkers on here though, so there future is still looking bright.

Disappointments of the first half of 2008
Looptroop Rockers – Good things
With pre-released MP3s “The Building” and “Marinate” my hopes were sky high! They all fell flat.

El Perro Del Mar – From the valley to the stars
Where have the great melodies gone?

Albums from the first half of 2008 that might be great, but I need to listen to them properly before I can pass judgement

Speedmarket Avenue – Way better now
Niccokick – The good times we shared , were they so bad
Gentle Touch – In memory of savannah
Alf – Tivoliv


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By Stop Us Not
On 16 June 2008
At 11:00 am
  • At 12:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Döda Fallet
    [Hybris; 2008]
    Rating: 8.2

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