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The Embassy are back - with a vengance!
The Embassy have been around for about 8 years, and they definitely made the blueprint for a lot of Swedish music. Without them there would be no The Tough Alliance or Pacific! for example. Their first album "Futile crimes" came out in 2002, their second and last album "Tacking" in 2004. Both were fantastic. Now they've released a new single (song?) from their forthcoming album. It's called "State '08" and it's a thunderous song! It wipes the floor with everything else out there, though it's quite repetetive but repetetive in a good way! Yes! It's a lovely summer tune and I've been listening to it all day on repeat wishing I was out in the sun instead of stuck in an office (what a cliché!), when I walked to work I really felt like not turning left and up the stairs to the office but continue to walk around London for the rest of the day. I had shorts on! I bet if that I had this song in my earphones this urge would have been stronger (of course I would still have gone to work, I'm not crazy). You must really give the song a listen, it's sublime! Listen to it NOW before it starts to rain again.

The Embassy - State '08



By Stop Us Not
On 5 June 2008
At 6:26 pm
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