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Tafra inte på min tjej!
I once met Tafra (real name: Niklas Tafra) when Suburban Kids with Biblical Name played the Barfly in London some years ago. All I remember from the meeting is that we were both drunk and I also vaguely remember disliking him because I got the impression that he was hitting on my girlfriend (he might be innocent of this hidenous crime though). This deep hidden drunken hatred hasn’t really left me and I haven’t given the guy a fair chance until I heard “Cheesy epic” on the radio the other day. When I found out it was the same guy I got a bit … annoyed. The song feels like a bastard child to SKWBN and The LK, with a distinct lo-fi setting and quirkiness all around. Best thing about the song though is the clever sampling of a mobile disturbance (or whatever you call that static sounds mobile phones can make speakers blurt out). Music for the kidz!

Tafra – Cheesy epic (mp3)



By Stop Us Not
On 6 June 2008
At 5:13 pm
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