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Jonas Game
Last Saturday I saw Gothenburgs' own Jonas Game (real name Jonas Lundqvist) play live. This might make me sound like a twat, but I’ve had way too much whiskey for my own good before his show, so I can’t really remember exactly how it was except that it was inside a tent and pretty hot. A darn shame really, since I've been wanting to see him for some time! Jonas used to play the drums in Bad Cash Quartet who released three albums between 1998 – 2003, that got them a big fanbase among Sweden’s indie kids. You'd be able to make a mean greatest hits CD from those three BCQ albums. Jonas Game released his ace debut album “ADHD” last year, but now he’s released a new song that Discobelle and Yours Sincerely (The Tough Alliance’s label that Jonas is signed to) posted last week. “Fish and shark” sounds like something that would fit onto “ADHD” or maybe even a BCQ album, ie a catchy chorus and very romantic lyrics with a distinct Gothenburg feel. He’s currently touring in Sweden, but with no UK label or profile I can’t see him coming over here to play in the near future. Check out the songs though, you might as well be prepared!

Jonas Game – Fish and shark (mp3)

Jonas Game - Won't back down (mp3)
Bad Cash Quartet - Outcast (mp3)


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By Stop Us Not
On 2 June 2008
At 1:31 pm
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