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The magnificent “Young folks” by Peter, Bjorn and John, is actually from their third album (not everyone knows that!). I didn’t like their two first albums and I thought “Writer’s block” was pretty average, thus I didn’t jump out of my shoes with joy when I heard that Peter Moren was doing a solo record. Now I’ve heard a song (“Social competence”, you can listen to it below) from his upcoming album, and my mind has slightly changed. “Social competence” is a pretty nice little track, with a chorus that reminds me of Wham’s “Freedom”. Moren’s coming to the UK for a few shows starting next week. Who knows, I might just go and check him out. These are the dates:

15 April – Monto Water Rats, London
16 April – The Junction, Cambridge
17 April – The Roundhouse, Manchester
28 April – Captains Rest, Glasgow

Peter Moren – Social competence


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By Stop Us Not
On 8 April 2008
At 3:00 pm
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