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Arrow, how are you?

Not sure if I've had my head up my ass about this but I really don't know much about "The Sound Of Arrows".

All I know is what I've read on their myspace page and the lovely mp3 that dropped through my mailbox from everyone's favourite label, Labrador. It appears TSOA have signed to Labrador and you can buy their debut ep "Danger!" there.

But what's it like? Well I'm a big fan of this kind of electro-pop (think The Legends recent stuff sung by a less-annoying Brian Molko (only 29 results?!?)).

I looks like these guys haven't been going that long so I'll give them a break and not critise a slight lack of an edge. Tell you what, hjave a listen yourself as Labrador have made the title track from the ep available to download for FREE.

Alternatively you could listen to the much better remix by Mr Pedro here (even if he destroyed My Darling You!'s "Please Don't Talk To Me I Fall In Love So Easily"):

here - (sorry, it looks like a shitty 93kbps MySpaz rip...)



By Stop Us Not
On 19 March 2008
At 6:53 pm
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