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I used to love The Cardigans when they started out, they were all cute and twee and Nina Persson was the ultimate indie princess. I really liked their first two albums, but when “First man on the moon” came out in 1996 and they got worldwide success with “Lovefool” I behaved like the silly teenager I were and stopped listening to them. I wasn’t until seven years later that I went back to them, due to the amazing song “Communication” on their “Long before daylight” album. The Cardigans for me are now a band that have about 1-3 great songs on every album they release (and have released). “Rise and shine”, from their first album, was what got me into the band. I remember seeing the video on TV and getting hooked. Now they’ve got a greatest hits CD out, adventurously called “Best of”. It’s a pretty good compilation, and like I said, The Cardigans are very much a band suited for compilations. I’m sort of thinking about buying it, just so I can throw away all my other The Cardigans CDs. It also comes with a b-side and rarities collection (which to be honest, I’m sure won’t be something for me). Anyway, listen to “Communication”, it’s pretty much one of my favourite songs ever.

The Cardigans – Rise and shine (from the 1994)
The Cardigans – Communication (from 2003)



By Stop Us Not
On 9 March 2008
At 9:56 am
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