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SXSW - Day #4 – The LK - live review
With so many gigs and venues at SXSW, lots of them are naturally to suffer from logistical problems. The LK's show on the last SXSW day was unfortunately one to suffer. I got in a bit late, since I was told in the door that the place had reached capacity, although when I got in there it was half-empty. The sound was actually the worst I heard throughout the whole of the festival. Also, I didn't hear the melodic The LK that I love, but they seemed to be in a more jazzy / experimental mood this time around. All well and good, I guess, despite it was quite rubbish (so not that well or good, considering). The last 5 minutes consisted of the singer sporadically jumping up and down while the other guy played his trumpet. Now and then Ola (the singer) also screamed a bit into the trumpet. Hmmmmmmmm! I saw some amazing bands at the 2008 edition of South By Southwest, so I wasn't that bothered that one of them didn't live up to my expectations.

This is how SXSW was for me:
Wednesday: Got in to Austin, saw lots of unknown bands that were all pretty much pants.
Thursday: Many amazing shows. Nice rock'n'roll end to the night. One of the best festival days ever, ever!
Friday: Some ok gigs and three absolutely astonishing gigs. One was the best I've seen in years, but not by a Swedish artist, so I won't name him (or her!) here …
Saturday: Tired. I thought this was the least interesting day of the festival. Saw a bunch of shows, nothing too exciting.

The LK - The private life of a cat


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By Stop Us Not
On 16 March 2008
At 10:24 pm
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