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SXSW - Day #3 – Lykke Li - live review
Being one of the most talked about artists of the whole SXSW (except R.E.M., Vampire Weekend, MGMT etc etc), the pressure was on Lykke Li to kick some serious ass! Her show was quite similar to the last time I saw her earlier this year, but much shorter, and due to a smaller sized venue, much more intimate (she didn't do "Can I kick it" either, unfortunately). It was a pleasure watching her perform though and if it had been a full length performance it would have been a real killer show. Another formerly hyped woman playing SXSW was Duffy, who was a massive disappointment. Whereas Lykke Li was mesmerising and super sexy, Duffy’s show was sterile and forced. Lykke Li seems to be at that stage where people are trying to figure out if all the talk about her is really justified. I’ve listened to her album a lot, and seen her live twice (so I think I'm almost a Lykke Li expert now, or at least a Lykke Li junior fan), and I’d got to say that Lykke Li deserves all the fame and money she can get. Don’t be a fool, go and see her live and buy her album (perhaps in the reversed order).

Lykke Li – Little Bit


PS: Jens Lekman was there!

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By Stop Us Not
On 16 March 2008
At 10:12 pm
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