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Is it just me or ...
does Razorlight's "America" (from 2006) sound a bit like Håkan Hellström's "Förhoppningar och regnbågar" (from 2002)?

You know, Razorlight do have a Swedish guitarist ...


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By Stop Us Not
On 16 December 2007
At 8:48 pm
Best Swedish Songs of 2007

It’s been a fine year for Swedish music. These are my favourite songs of 2007:

01. The Tough Alliance – First Class Riot
Back on track!
02. Jens Lekman – Friday night at the drive-in bingo
On track as always!
03. Ison & Fille – Vad e det för mode
On track for once, and probably for once only!
04. Vapnet – Tjernobyl
One of many great tracks from their EP "Något dåligt nytt har hänt"!
05. Lykke Li – Everybody but me
I'm expecting great tracks for the future!
06. Pelle Carlberg – I love you, you imbecile
Best track in a long time!
07. Laakso – Västerbron
Awesome track, Laakso!
08. we are soldiers we have guns – Wherever I lay my hat
Best Swedish cover track of the year!
09. Alexis Weak – Första svensken i rymden
This track should probably be higher on the list, butI haven't listened to it that long!
10. Billie the Vision and the Dancers (f/ Annika Norlin) – Overdosing with you
Only track I like from their album! Enough of these tracks!

Oh yeah, unlike what Owen thinks I do actually like Billie the Vision and the Dancers, although I think their last album wasn’t that great, and I can’t really stand their live show and the whole theatrical shenanigans they're rocking.

Some of the above artists (40% to be correct) also made great albums, one of them (10%) didn't do a good album at all, as discussed above, the rest (50%, of course) didn’t make any “proper” albums - just some sweet, sweet tunes (or just one in one of the cases)!

Anyway, here you are – about half an hour of a bunch of fantastic tracks from 2007:

Best Swedish Songs of 2007 (ZShare)

Best Swedish Songs of 2007 (YSI)



By Stop Us Not
At 8:48 pm
Clubbed to death

Excellent UK-friendly news comes our way with the news that super little British label Fortuna POP! will be releasing Club 8's new album "The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming" on January 7th.

It seems to have had pretty good reviews in the press so you should support both band and label by purchasing a copy. I hear they make great (albeit a little late) Xmas presents!

On the back of the release they're also playing at one of London's loveliest venues the Luminaire on January 10th.

Here is a track from their forthcoming album called "Heaven" which kind of reminds me of PBJ's "Young Folks" but is a bit on the twee-er side. Loverly!

Club 8 - Heaven



By Stop Us Not
On 4 December 2007
At 6:19 pm
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