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New single by The Embassy out NOW - on eBay!
Service, the Swedish record label, have pulled a neat little stunt - instead of releasing the new The Embassy single "You tend to forget" the normal way they're going to put it out as three 12" records on eBay. The first one is here and is currently going for $77. The Embassy are a great band, so hopefully they'll get some well deserved press for this, and it'd also be nice if they made some actual money from this (I will try and snatch one of the 12 inches myself). Hopefully they won't release the song on CD or as an MP3 ever, and it'll be just three people (+ band / label) who will hear this song. I suspect the track will end up on the forthcoming album though...



By Stop Us Not
On 27 February 2009
At 2:20 pm
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