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I have those lights! They're from IKEA I think.
Steso Songs (aka Korro / female / 24 years old) from Malmö (Sweden!) is pretty good in a Regina Spektor kind of way. It’s not that original (seems to be more Regina Spektor clones coming out lately than gay magicians) but charming and of pretty high quality. It might be a bit harsh to write her off as a Regina Spektor-clone, especially since not all her songs sound like "Blinding...", but listen to "Tonight it's oh too dark" on her Myspace page and you might find it hard not to sigh all day. Regina Spektor is quite big in Sweden so there will probably be quite a lot of these copycats in the next few years, I suspect. It's all a bit too polished / pop for me to really get into it though. I first read about Steso Songs last week on Marit Bergman’s website where Bergman wrote something about how she spent her birthday listening to “Blinding light of love” over and over again. Is your birthday coming up soon? Then you should download the below song and live like a rockstar!

Steso Songs – Blinding light of love (mp3)



By Stop Us Not
On 28 May 2008
At 6:36 pm
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