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Sweden’s M.I.A?
It’s C.L.E.O! Or Cleo as she seems to prefer to be called. Now when the US have their own M.I.A. in the shape of the superhyped-but-not-that-great Santogold I felt that it was time for Sweden to step forward and claim their own heir to the eclectic electrorap throne. Joking aside, Cleo is Natalie Missaoui who lives on a farm on an island west of Stockholm. That she’s a farmer / hippie you can kind of see on photos like this (I can't see any incense or Indian tourist guidies though, they must be under a pillow). It’s a bit grating in places with some silly lyrics and patios nonsense, but I kind of like it – it’s quite affable! I wouldn’t mind hearing “Witness the empress” while out in a bar, after a few sour apple shots (always my drink of choice of course).

Cleo – Witness the empress (mp3)
Cleo – Table has turned (mp3)



By Stop Us Not
On 30 May 2008
At 5:28 pm
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