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One of the best albums released this year is by a band that consists mostly of Swedish members (ie not Razorlight or The Hoosiers – yuck!), hence me writing about them here. The band in question is Envelopes, and the record's called "Here comes the wind". You might have heard of them, some people liked their first album and there was a bit of a buzz that unfortunately didn't make them superstars. Now they've got a second album out and it's absolutely brilliant, I tell you! Fantastic! It's quirky, a bit different and maybe a bit unconventional, but there's still a pop sensibility to it (I wouldn’t like it if it was way too weird). Cute lo-fi feel to the whole thing too. Not only have they made an outright amazing album, they're also coming to the UK in May to show it all off. Here are the tour dates and a song from an album that is very likely to end up in my top 5 (Swedish and non-Swedish) album list of 2008.

10 May Proud Galleries, London
11 May Joshua Brookes, Manchester
12 May Cumberland Arms, Newcastle
13 May The Ark, Edinburgh
14 May Escobar, Wakefield
15 May The Great Escape, Brighton

Envelopes – I’d like 2 C U



By Stop Us Not
On 2 April 2008
At 9:46 pm
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