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I don't think I even know what "web 2.0" really means....
The once quite fantastic Swedish indie princess Marit Bergman has gone all web 2.0 on our asses and started a website / blog with a subscription option (85 SEK / per year – that’s cheap, about £7 for a year or 60 pence per month) where you can download a least one song per month and I guess she'll have some blog and maybe there'll be other stuff (frankly, I'm just interested in the music). I couldn’t resist and did actually pay for it (crazy!). Is this the way forward for artists in today’s non-existent CD sales climate? Huh? You go and write about that on your blogs, this is not a blog about crap like that – it’s a blog about the music, man! So what about the music? Well, if you paid £7 for Marit Bergman’s thing, today you got a song called “Out on the piers”. It’s a pretty good song. You also got an acoustic version. Have a listen to the acoustic version below, then go and sign up if you like it. The non-acoustic version is actually better and much more of an indie anthem. In my opinion, Bergman’s first album was a bit patchy but very charming affair, her second album was fantastic, and her third album was a professional but uneven affair (about 2-3 good songs on it). She also used to be in a band called Candysuck that I loved when I was a kid. Perhaps she’ll release some exciting songs now when there’s no label pressure involved (?). I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited about a subscription service like this one and I would easily pay other artists that I like for the same type of thing (and I’m in no way affiliated with Marit Begman, by the way, believe it or not), especially when it feels like the artist is behind it, and not just some record label department (pah!). Actually, is this something that has been going on for a while? That's a rhetorical question, since you can't tell me because I can't get the stupid comment function to work. Feel free to send us an email (stopusnot at though, and tell us if Britney was indeed doing this long before she shaved her hair off. Anyway, it's finally Friday and soon it's time to drink beers...

Marit Bergman – Out on the pier (acoustic version)



By Stop Us Not
On 28 March 2008
At 6:12 pm
  • At 8:36 pm, Blogger Nick said…

    Simon, I have the Monster Bobby mix of Out On The Piers. Its great. Let me know if you want it?


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