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Nice spring weather? Dream on!
Apparently, on the American release of Robyn’s latest album, they’ve added “Dream on” as a bonus track. I read an article in Billboard a few weeks ago and there was some record label guy talking about how it was a new song and not just some b-side. Hm, well, it’s not a b-side, but a track from Christian Falk’s album “People say” from 2006. Not a really a Robyn track then, just as “With every heartbeat” is a Kleerup track and not a Robyn track. “Dream on” also features Ola Salo, from the horrible The Ark. It’s a pretty good track though, you should give it a listen. I wonder if all this means that Robyn isn’t really writing new songs (too busy doing PR, touring and signing new record contracts, I bet) since there seems to be an urge lately to dig up any old tracks that she’s featured on and call it a Robyn track. If this wasn’t a blog about Swedish music, I’d post Prince’s “Sometimes it snows in April” here, but now you have to do with some Robyn instead (not exactly Prince, but she's still alright), so let’s give it a listen and dream on about how it is April and the amazing sunny spring weather is making our hearts beat faster giving us hope that the summer isn’t too far away.

Christian Falk f/ Robyn & Ola Salo – Dream on


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By Stop Us Not
On 6 April 2008
At 1:23 pm
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