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A good EP by The Fine Arts Showcase
Adrian Recordings and (or?) The Fine Arts Showcase (aka Gustaf Kjellvander aka Christian Kjellvander's brother) has done "a Radiohead-lite" and offered up TFAS' new EP "Friday on my knees" as a free download. You can also buy the mp3s or buy the 12" vinyl. I like TFAS and have been a fan for a few years (he did a great album with his brother under the name of Songs of Soil eight years ago). I wasn't too keen on his Rough Bunnies cover album though, but "Modern love" from that record is great (get it below, it's also on "Friday on my knees"). TFAS is quite an overlooked artist and I hope that one of these days he'll get the fame he deserves.

MP3: The Fine Arts Showcase - Modern Love



By Stop Us Not
On 2 December 2008
At 1:53 pm
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