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Pretty Whores of Manhattan = The New The Hives?
You might have got bored of The Hives long before they started doing Christmas songs with Cyndi bloody Lauper. In fact, you might think that they haven't done anything really decent for 8 years. A valid argument, I think. Maybe you yearn for them to just go back to their roots and record some straight up dirty rock'n'roll tracks, and leave Pharrell etc out of it. Well, you might be hoping for a lost cause, and I think you should just accept the facts that The Hives will never be (or be better than) The Hives you used to love. Do not despair though, there are other bands out there who try to pen those rock tunes that your heart yearn so much. One of them is the awfully named Pretty Whores of Manhattan from Sweden's South West Coast. Give the below MP3 a spin, who knows - you might dig it - like a retarded undertaker!

MP3: Pretty Whores of Manhattan - Ferdinand



By Stop Us Not
On 26 November 2008
At 3:47 pm
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