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Rude Goldberg Machine
I guess most kids like Rube Goldberg machines (ie chain reaction "machines"), and so did I when I was a kid, but I kind of like them more nowadays. I'm not building any myself (maybe one day!) but they sure are fascinating! Right? Right? Right? No? Ok, you might not share this interest with me but you should still check out the new video from Far och Son that starts out with a normal RG machine, but then it changes into something more ... artistic and amazing (and rock n roll!). The song itself is a bit annoying, but nevertheless catchy (I can't get the chorus out of my head!). Far och Son features Frej Larsson (from Slagsmålsklubben). Larsson is also part of music collective Maskinen who sound a bit like Far och Son. Check them out below, they had a song called "Alla som inte dansar" out last year and "Segertåget" (which I prefer) out earlier this year. This type of music is very big in Sweden now, with the kids, a bit like Sweden's answer to new rave (Slagsmålsklubben are their Klaxons then I guess).

MP3: Far och Son - Panik

Video: Far och Son - Panik

Video: Maskinen - Alla som inte dansar

Video: Maskinen - Segertåget


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By Stop Us Not
On 30 October 2008
At 12:59 pm
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