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I might just go and see Lykke Li tomorrow!
Lykke Li is playing at Scala (in London) tomorrow, and I think I'll go and see her play. Normally I don't like to see the same artist more than once on the same tour, and I've already seen Lykke Li about 3 times this year plugging the same songs all the time (which is fair enough, I don't except any artist to play different shows every night while promoting an album). It was a few months since I saw her play last time though and I think it can be quite pleasant to see her a rainy October night. Last week I saw Glasvegas at Scala, and it was way too packed, hopefully this gig won't be as rammed. I don't really like Scala when it's too full, I like to be able to move at a little bit (no pun intended) at least. I've just listened to her album, which I haven't done for some time (I OD'ed on it) and there are so many great songs on there, and we all know she's great live. Ok, I think I'm definitely going to go. See you there. Here are the other dates she's doing and an MP3 of "Dance Dance Dance":

01 Oct - Scala, London
02 Oct - Concorde 2, Brighton
05 Oct - Glee Club, Birmingham
06 Oct - Thekla, Bristol
08 Oct - Academy 2, Liverpool
09 Oct - Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
10 Oct - The Duchess, York

Lykke Li - Dance Dance Dance (mp3)



PS: I still can't stand that song "This trumpet in my head" though! Euuurgh!!!


By Stop Us Not
On 30 September 2008
At 3:35 pm
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