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Kite = Guilty pleasure?
I'm too old for guilty pleasures. I remember feeling bad about liking Millencolin when I entered high school. A few years after I graduated from high school I decided not to ignore music I like (ie a lot of poppy punk, or recently - Meatloaf) and start ignoring music that I listen to solely because it's hip or because of good reviews (eg post-rock). I also realised I don't like jazz, blues, funk or classical music very much(no instrumental music please). I don't mind on missing out, there's so much else music out there that I like. My parents used to tell me I'd start listening to classical music when I get older. You know what mum and dad? I don't think I ever will, and that's fine with me! It was a big moment in my life, I must say. Maybe not as big as when I came to realise I don't like dry food, but still pretty life changing. Since this (music, not food) revolution there have been songs that I've felt a little bit silly for liking, but I don't want to miss out on good music (life's too short for that!) so I've just gone with the flow. For example, I really love The Killers' "When you were young" but in the beginning it was a bit confusing since I never liked The Killers before and I considered them just another crap band such as The Bravery. Last week when I heard Kite's "Ways to dance" I had to remind myself that a good song is a good song. There's something a little silly and naff about "Ways to dance" that makes me wonder why I like it. But I do like it, I really do. It's a killer! I played it for someone at work and she asked me if this was Sweden's 2009 Eurovision entry. Well, I hope it will be, but despite her weak effort to be cheeky, she reinforced my feeling of something not being quite right about the song. It is a very cheesy song, but I don't mind cheese though, not in music or food (as long as I can have some butter underneath it). That's enough for my Friday rant, have a good weekend, but before you do - please listen to Kite's song below. I'm off to Shoreditch to see a bunch of wilfully obscure indie band at the Concrete and Glass festival (Lykke Li's playing, but I've had enough of her for some time).

Kite - Ways to dance (MP3)



By Stop Us Not
On 3 October 2008
At 3:53 pm
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